With a broad range of vehicles covering both Passenger and Commercial vehicles, Tristram European has a dedicated Fleet Business team to guide and advise your company through its vehicle fleet requirements.

Whether it’s small hatches, SUV’s (small and large), executive vehicles, vans or utes, we have a team of sales, finance and service representatives to make fleet business easy for you.

We offer a well-priced pick-up & drop-off service aligned with a comprehensive loan vehicle arrangement as well as full 6-day servicing so your staff will be able to stay on the road looking after your customers.

A snapshot of what you may be looking for to meet your company fleet requirements:

At an executive level we have an exceptional range of higher end vehicles and a range of makes and models.

What makes Škoda cars special to fleet customers?


Thanks to our our unique, simply clever features, Škoda cars rank amongst the most popular on the company market. While fleet managers will be impressed by the low running costs and high residual value, the drivers themselves will appreciate the safety, roominess, comfort and performance. The combination of all these virtues is what makes the Škoda offering so extraordinary.


Total cost of ownership

Helped by a sharp retail price and competitive finance options, our low TCO is also realised through low operating costs and high residual values. Škoda Finance offers flexible leasing terms beyond the standard 36 month time frame – customise a lease or outright purchase plan to suit your needs.


Smart solutions

All Škoda models provide a wide selection of smart technologies, “Simply Clever” equipment and connectivity solutions.



In their respective categories, all Škoda models offer unmatched roominess for both the passengers and their luggage.



All new Škoda models come with a 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating. Achieved using advanced technologies including driver assistance systems that optimise safety when driving in city traffic, on rural roads and on motorways and provide additional comfort when parking and manoeuvring.


High quality

Customer satisfaction is our priority, whether handling the cars themselves or through other products and services.

Škoda custom solutions


Every company has its specific requests and needs, which can only be fully satisfied with a custom tailored solution. Our long experience with sales to fleet customers, together with the possibility to choose from wide model range, make us the ideal partner to fulfill all your wishes and demands.

Contact us today to discuss a bespoke partnership to meet your business needs.

Chosen by the New Zealand Police


Škoda is proud to be a new partner of the NZ Police, protecting officers behind the wheel, and across the country.

New Zealand Police Commissioner Andrew Coster, unveiled the new Škoda Superb Frontline Police Vehicle on the 29th March. At this unveiling Commissioner Coster reiterated the rigorous evaluation process undertaken, highlighting the reliability, economy of running costs, spaciousness and performance that has seen Škoda repeatedly chosen for police and emergency services throughout Europe, the United Kingdom, and now in New Zealand.

Škoda Superb: NZ frontline vehicle

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