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Confidence isn’t just for public speaking. It’s an attitude that steers you through life. And if you weren’t born with it, you can always borrow it from the New ŠKODA Fabia. With its sharp, angular lines it’s way too bold to be shy. But its confidence isn’t just locked in its looks. Being a thoroughbred ŠKODA means its character is strengthened by numerous Simply Clever details both large and small yet always thoughtful, such as the multimedia bracket that keeps your smartphone safely secured and within easy reach. This is the New ŠKODA Fabia.

Skoda Fabia Wagon

Meet the car like no other

​Give free rein to your imagination, find the designer within yourself and create your own work of art. We have given you everything you need to do so. In the Visualizer, select the body colour that best suits your style. Choose alloy wheels for the Fabia Wagon that express your ideas. Rotate your car 360 degrees and find out which angle is best. And now take a seat inside, because the interior is waiting for you to fantasise. After that, you can configure your own car…​


6 Reasons to Buy a ŠKODA Fabia

Fabia Design


​Life is beautiful. The new ŠKODA Fabia Wagon’s panoramic glass roof* makes sure you’ll never miss another moment. From here on out, simply sit down, throw your head back and admire the patterns made by flocks of birds or the glittering of the heavens. Because grace and timelessness are qualities they share with the new Fabia Wagon. *optional specification


​The ŠKODA Fabia Wagon offers plenty of room for passengers and their luggage. The passenger compartment is a little longer and wider than before, and the driver and front passenger also have more headroom. The luggage compartment is the largest in the segment. Even so, the ŠKODA Fabia Wagon’s compact dimensions mean that it has retained its agility in everyday traffic.

Fabia Roominess

Fabia Simply Clever

Simply Clever

​Wherever you look, you will find useful storage options, including clever compartments and ingenious holders. The net pockets on the sides of the front seats are great for storing small items.


​The Fabia Wagon comes with a new-generation petrol engine, combining driving pleasure and environmental values. These advanced power units deliver 81 kW.

Fabia Engines

Fabia Connectivity


SmartLink delivers an elegant connection between car and smartphone using SmartLink Apple CarPlay and Android Auto interfaces. Whether you want to select and listen to music on your smartphone or receive turn-by-turn directions, all of this is mirrored on the central display.


The Fabia Wagon has adopted a clear stance on passenger and pedestrian safety. As a result, you will find on-board safety components that are usually the domain of cars in higher segments.

All Fabias are fitted with an enhanced electronic differential lock function XDS+, ensuring safer handling when the car negotiates bends.

The automatic-braking Front Assist is another on-board guardian angel. It works with you to keep an eye on what is happening in front of the vehicle and can alert you to any impending danger. It is able to apply the brakes itself, thus mitigating the consequences of an accident or even averting one altogether.

The Fabia’s Speedlimiter safety feature is taking its bow in a ŠKODA car. As the name suggests, the Speedlimiter will not let the driver go faster than the set speed.

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