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Our other cars in the KODIAQ family build on the entry model’s capabilities. The dynamic and emotive nature of the ŠKODA KODIAQ is best emphasised by the SportLine version. The inspiration borrowed from Kodiak bears, which ultimately led to the KODIAQ, best comes to life with the Scout version. The Laurin & Klement version is tailored for the drivers who demand maximum comfort with all the hallmarks of exclusivity. And the KODIAQ RS oozes sportiness yet remains a practical family car. Now it’s just up to you to take your pick.


The new ŠKODA Kodiaq reimagines what is possible with an SUV. An impressive combination of powerful design, generous space, great functionality, state-of-the art assistance systems and innovative connectivity solutions means the everyday journeys will never feel quite the same again.

The everyday stresses of family life can often be clearly seen on your vehicle. However, the ŠKODA Kodiaq’s suite of simply clever features goes a long way to make things run a little smoother.


From its paintwork-saving door edge protector and car tidy rubbish bin to the magnetic torch in the rear and the digital voice enhancer that plays through the SUV’s speakers, simply clever means you may never need to raise your voice again.

It’s also the 2017 New Zealand Car Of The Year and 2017's most awarded car. This success has been echoed in Europe, with the Kodiaq being awarded What Car's 2017 Best Large SUV award, Top Gear's 2017 Best Car for Big Families and the illustrious Red Dot Design Award.


A new species of SUV

The award winning ŠKODA KODIAQ is a new animal in the SUV kingdom. Its rugged, sturdily-built exterior stresses its impressive off-road capabilities.

The ŠKODA brand’s contemporary design finds definitive expression in the new KODIAQ – the crisp-cut crystalline lines have been honed to perfection, while precision in the details converges with a massive grille and high angular wheel arches. The interior opens up a completely new chapter in the design book, reinforcing the sense of safety and solidity.


6 Reasons

Entering new ground

Set loose in the SUV segment, the ŠKODA design language echoes the vehicle’s versatility: robustness, dynamism and elegance.


The seven seats and the largest-in-class luggage compartment are the most striking attributes of the spacious interior. It goes without saying that there is ample space up front and on the second-row seats.

A fully connected ŠKODA

The connectivity of the new KODIAQ with a host of mobile devices and applications is top-drawer. ŠKODA Connect is a completely new feature in the connectivity of ŠKODA cars. All information is conveyed on 6.5” or 8” glass-design capacitive displays.


The ŠKODA KODIAQ introduces a range of safety features and assists to the mid-size SUV section that tended to be the preserve of high-end cars. The broad use of high-strength steel contributes to your and your family’s safety.


Besides the excellent quality of the materials and the exemplary soundproofing, you can indulge yourself with practical gadgets such as a heated steering wheel and a virtual pedal for opening and closing the tailgate. What is more, all controls are intuitively positioned to be at your fingertips.

Off-road mode

A large SUV is rightly expected to be a vehicle of great prowess. The smart all-wheel drive and high ground clearance are ideal for off-road adventures. Off-road mode can be selected at the touch of a button (optional for the all-wheel-drive versions in combination with Driving Mode Select).

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