What Our Customers Say About Us

Hi Mason..

Thanks again for your assistance with buying the Dodge.

I know you guys probably deal more with more expensive European cars, but I felt like I got the same service as if i were buying a big flash Euro car – so thanks again.

Gotta say [again] what a nice touch it was to see my new car under the green silk sheet with the notice – next to it. I felt a bit posh and under dressed!

Thanks again

Regards Glenn

In November 2018, I will have completed 50 years in the work force. I can say with complete authority that during this period of time I have learned many things, all positive, as even during the bad times we learn from our mistakes.

Among the important lessons I have learned in business is the value of developing and maintaining relationships with clients. The definition of client for me is wide as I believe internal clients (staff) are as important as external clients.

I have also valued my association with trusted advisors; i.e. banks, accountants, solicitors, investment specialists, insurance brokers, to name a few. As is the case with our own personal and family relationships, there will be times when a business relationship is tested, but if you adopt a long term view, any fall out will be contained and both parties will be stronger.


The best decision I ever made was to marry my wife Lyn and a close second is my immediate family….but I am a car nut. Truthfully, if it were possible I would have a garage that was bigger than my house and fill it with all manner of “vehicle toys”.

I have known Mark Hayward for close to 20 years and we have developed a real friendship via the business association we have had over that time. Despite the fact that Mark can be hard to get hold of, when he does return my calls, he treats me as though I am his only customer. When you add that to the “infectious enthusiasm” Gary greets you upon entering the dealership, Penny’s genuine interest in what is happening in my life, the smiley faces of crew on the service desk, there is no way that I will deal with any other dealership.

Tristram European is “home base” for me and will be forever; I hope you feel the same.    

Max Marsh




Superb Sportline. Reviewed by Barry Syminton
(Tristram European long-standing customer)


Tristram European has recently established a ŠKODA​ Dealership at their Wairau Road site. The new exclusively ŠKODA​ showroom is very modern in appearance, well outfitted and certainly worth a visit. Don't base your opinion of ŠKODA​ on the reputation of their cars from several decades ago - their current range is attractive, technologically advanced with excellent infotainment/multi media systems and good to drive.

While I will sample other models in the future I was given a ŠKODA​ Superb Sportline (the top of the range) for the day to judge how it measured up as a mid range sports sedan - and the answer is very well indeed.


My car was Corrida Red and with the glossy black grille and silver/grey 19 inch alloys looked very sharp.

Inside the seats were black Alcantara/leather having integrated headrests in the front. The dashboard was very informative, highly specced and easy to use i.e. typically Volkswagen Group.


With 206 Kw it felt fast and handled well, with good positive steering and brakes. The driving position was very comfortable with room for three in the back (3 headrests) if required.

My impression was it felt like a quicker, larger current Golf GTi and was equally well appointed.

Another outstanding feature is the huge well-shaped boot. At 625L it is larger than that of the latest Passat, which is already bigger than all its other competitors.

Summing up, we have a sporty mid sized sedan with -
•Sporting good looks
•Powerful and flexible 4 cylinder 206 Kw motor
•Four wheel drive incorporating 6 speed DSG transmission
•Well finished accommodation for five people
•Comprehensive safety and driver assistance
•Fuel consumption in the 7 to 9L/100km range during normal motoring which is
•good in its class.
•Three year and 100,000 km warranty
•Plus with Tristram their first class Sales, Technicians and Service support.

Certainly the ŠKODA​ is worth serious consideration should you be in the market for this type of car.